Ah yes it came from a training session, to finally move forward on my new book I have been struggling with. The challenge being I would love for it to be a fiction, possibly a mystery, which I continue to stall out on. Thus it allows me to feed my perceived inability to write. Yet during this dry season, comes entry into a Science of Mind 102 on Effective Prayer and soul work that challenges me to challenge my negative perceptions and affirm positive truths to move forward on.

What does this mean?

Simple, there is no simple answer of I can’t write…it is what is meant to be written by me at this juncture in my journey.

And the truth?

Another spiritual tomb, a sequel to my Pilgrimage to the Heart of the Sacred. For those in the New Thought circles, it is a ponderance on Fillmore’s 12 Powers of Men, Robin Hood and a dash of Ernest Holmes theorem. So the journey into the new work begins, and how is it?

Intriguing as it brings together those things at the fork in the current roads as my family continues into the rabbit hole of discovering belonging, and spiritual openness anew.

Stay tuned.

It can be a disturbing thing to have one’s home violated. Even more disturbing when the question of the spouse is raised whether or not she was home when it happened. The call on the phone to leave work to come back and see what needed to be done. The call answered for aid with kids so they did not have to experience the reality by family. Great work by Calgary Police Service in inspecting the scene, and a great tech who took into account our children’s needs and used the fingerprinting chemicals outside on the surfaces that may have had something.

Yes there was monetary value in the antique jewellery taken, yet that value is nothing in comparison to the familial value of the generations of lives they had been involved in. My Great-Granny; great-Granddad; Nanny; Grandma’s, Grandpa, Granddad and Mum’s taken to more than likely be pawned or melted down by someone(s) needing quick cash.  Last memento’s of those who have rejoined paradise before. Pieces of the story of our family’s journey within this world gone forever and left with the memories of them alone, sure insurance can create replica’s but the value is not within the piece, but rather in the soul that once carried it as part of their journey.

This it the challenge of a burglary when those victimized speak of trauma. It is not the items taken, but the pieces of the person that are now missing. For if they are simple things like electronics or movies, replacement is simple, but when they are an integral piece of the journey that is when the soul is scarred deeply.

But the beauty is that yes these are simply things that were taken, and the blessing being that no one was home, no one was injured. So those, whom eyes you peer into and the soul and lives of those lost are reflected in, are still living life. Still moving forward. The actions of the family still honouring the path lay before us. Yes the pieces, the items of the stories may be gone, but the love passed through life, the values embedded, are still here in the four of us, and yes we will continue the journey, and continue to have an open house to all. Continue to be a port of welcome, and continue through the little things in life.

So to whomever felt the need to violate our physical space, and to steal those things that helped us remember the walk we have learned, we are sorry for you that this is a choice you have made, and hope that one day these choices of negativity and harm will end so that you too may be able to live a life of love, and positive transformation within this world.


It is amazing

when one first realizes

that a piece of our own eternal



is the release of



for another’s choices and actions

these are made

in real time

and we

as observers

need to simply observer through the heart lens

of soul & love without judgment

and release the choice of the other

and ourselves

to be free

and know

that each of us,

has the internal volition

for a different choice

Narrative Free Fall

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The night began like most night’s do in this weird world. A horrible cup of black coffee, and many hours gone since sunshine vanished. The rain will start again soon, and I will still be sitting in this uncomfortable truck stop booth watching minivans, semis and motor homes going in and out.  But here I sit, when a source calls saying they have a big story, a source you trust, this is what you do.

The redheaded waitress with sass was looking dragged out tired. “Hey Suze can I get a refill?” she laughs, too often she’s seen me sitting here. Drinking coffee, waiting for the next “sketchy” individual to come and speak with me. I scratch my beard, more salt than pepper now. The flip phone even my cell carrier mocks begins to vibrate as Suze fills up the chipped ceramic mug. It’s getting to the point in the waiting where I should start thinking of a burger or eggs.

“Lucas here.”

The voice muffler kicks in on the other end of the line. “They know.”

“Who knows?” it was an obvious question, but needed to be asked.

“They. They are coming for us.”

Okay this seemed strange even for my world. Now I got a muffled and digitally distorted voice on my phone going on about “They”.  What the fuck are the They? How do strange things always track me down? The line suddenly cuts off and blasts white noise static. Flip closed, finger in ear to ring it out when the white suit appears and slides in across from me.

And it is truly a white suit, seer sucker, and flashy, pure white, like Herb Tarlic belt from WKRP white, with the matching shoes. Part of me is screaming that if this is the “sketchy” individual that is my source then I have stepped into a 700 Club world, and perhaps hell is real. White suit also has smooth white beard, trimmed short, piercing blue eyes and shoulder length white hair.

His hands are covered in white leather gloves as he waves Suze down and turns over his own coffee mug. “I assume the Voice reached you?”

“The Voice?” said like a name, it probably was the call I just received, but I don’t want to let on I know what this guy is talking about until he fills in a few more of the blanks.

“The Voice, disembodied, sounds digitally altered, it is literally a disembodied voice from the void. It can become solid in our world long enough to speak through old school cell phones, Smart Phones just blow up.” Suit says.

Bonus point for the guy with old school tech nobody else wants, I get to have a disembodied voice call me and warn me ominously about the coming of “They”. “Okay you explained the Voice flashy suit, and have insinuated I should trust it, but then that would mean I need to trust your statement, but I have no idea who you are.”

The man’s blue eyes become like intricately woven diamonds as they sparkle. Sucking one into the internal cosmos of the star dust that sparked each person’s soul and joined them to the all creator, and who metaphysical isms just keep leaping out. “Lucas, They are coming.”

Then the eyes go back to bright blue and I am once again having that uncomfortable spring in the left buttock’s from this bench booth. “Fine, but two questions: 1) who the hell are you? And 2) what the hell is “They”?”

Watch the eyes and the body language. Where is white suit taking this, my flip phone begins vibrating again. Number check, toll free probably some discount air liner announcing I have one a Bahama vacation. Ignore while white suit sips his bad diner coffee. “You Lucas, will discover They.” He rises and walks away. Great not exactly what I needed in this time and place some mysterious source acting like a Tulpa. So mysterious and yet leaving me with the bill. Move slowly from the table toss a ten on to cover, and follow him out calling after.

Step into the parking lot. No white suit, but a crack of lightning, roll of thunder and the skies open.


A flash of lightning. A bolt that hits the asphalt just before me. A form materializes in shimmering white suit. What the heck? “Suit?”

The sparkling diamond blue eyes lock back on me. “Lucas you seem to miss the point.  They will not care about this pitiful world, or even you. They are here to destroy, rend.”

Another flash and white suit is gone. I am heading home.

The sun shone through the stain glass. Nice little loft bedroom built in what was a former balcony in an old church building. Yes I am strange in that I picked it up cheap on the bankruptcy market, and built an office for investigations out of it. Simple semantics, sanctuary converted to apartment, church office used for my office. That’s all the ancient building had going for it. Although the way the morning sun dances through the old stain glass gives a calming influence for re-entry from slumber.

Especially after last night.

Turn on the coffee pot in the kitchen, apartment area is open concept; click the radio on for the morning news. CBC is a national broadcaster that will update what is happening outside my front door or so the theory goes.

Some simple toast with fresh coffee black.

Awaiting. Awakening. Lots of “A” things can run through your mind as you watch a wind storm blow through and snap old branches off and sending them careening down the street. A death in nature that clears out the dead and allows the new to be born. We as humans tend to miss that in our own lives.  There are moments when the wild wind needs to blow through and snap the old dead branches away so the new can be born, yet we fight against the wind like nobody’s business because the old is comfortable, it is the time where we rest in who we are.

WTF? That is the essence of change. For it looks at what is the fear? What is that holding us back? Holding us within the comfortable way of things has always been. In life coaching we dub them gremlins, things that have kept us safe, but also things that can hold us in the fear of change, the fears that keep us away from the true awakening, truly stepping into who we are.

Which brings us into the next WTF? (and I would like to thank the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living and Dr. Pat for the new use of this acronym, brought nice synchronicity to what I have been trying to put words too the last many years)… where’s the faith? Where is the realization of existence within the Holy Mystery? The life defining moment(s) that continue our journey within love to transform ourselves and our world? The little miracles and major miracles we see each and every moment of every day.

I do need to work through the fear of the blank white page, and simply exist in the faith that words will appear and the next story I am meant to embrace will become evident. I reflect more on the encouragement of my friend Deb, of writing of the hidden disciples and the miracles that are evident for those that may not realize the miracles they have. What to do that can reveal the Holy Mystery? It is the path all forms of my writing have taken, exploring the “hero’s journey” to borrow a phrase from Joseph Campbell, for each of us are the hero of our own journey.

And our journey has brought us to once more opening up our home again with a book club associated with the Centre that also explores the hero’s journey through modern mythology (my long time readers will know I have explored these topics on my own with comics; Stargate, Robin Hood and Shakespeare to name but a few), in Jean Houston’s book, the Wizard of Us taking us through the journey of self-discovery with the mythology and metaphor of the Wizard of Oz.

So where’s the faith? It is a unique thing to seek out every day. And something that needs to be looked for within, for that is where transformation comes from as we renew the divine spark within each one of us on this journey we call life.

Poetic Pondering

Posted: September 24, 2014 by Ty in Spirituality


That should be where the mourning ends

Yet the question remains

In a society

Where the cost of dying

Is higher than living

What happens to one’s remains

Regardless of death with or without


Where shall the minerals that were once infused

With the source of all that is

With the star dust left

Reside for eternity

While the energy returns to the source

For the next energy source to be ignited by the wisdom


Saturday September 27, 2014 starting at 9 a.m. at Countess Country Museum we are celebrating the summer long Playhouse Community Tour that let you be a Wishmaker by donating to Children’s Wish Foundation! On September 27th discover the final total collected! Come celebrate with food! Games! Grand prize draw of the play house cabin!

And Volunteers needed for wish making:

Ben is looking for some friends to make his wish come true. He is a 9 year old lad who experiences life with Dyskeratosis Cogenita. Ben’s wish of having a kids only playhouse cabin is a wish that brings happiness to his life of going back and forth from hospital (watch Ben’s video here). As part of the festival on September 27 we are hoping some passionate people inclined with building to aid in building Ben’s playhouse wish in 3 sections which will then be transported to the Okotoks Wishmaker to be assembled the following weekend.

Volunteer builders call 403-272-9886 to join the team! And make Ben’s Wish a reality!

Countess Country Museum is located 8.5km east on Highway 550 from the TransCanada.A crowd follows Strathmore Tilley Parade Duchess Playin4keeps Red Deer 2 Taber 2014 whoop up parade