Pilgrimage Analogy

Posted: November 29, 2010 by Ty in Metaphysics of Stargate

The more accurate title may be the journey of Daniel and Jack.  That is being two key characters in the early seasons of Stargate SG-1 and the original feature film: Dr. Daniel Jackson and Col. Jack O’Neill.  Why are these two an analogy or allegory if you will of Holy Pilgrimage?

It is their stories.  Jack, whose son killed himself with his own gun, travels through the stargate hoping to never return.  He wrestles with his own demons and angels, walking the tightrope of being both a “sinner and a saint” at each and every turn.

Daniel returns to SGC for the specific task of finding his wife and child who the Gaould have taken.  Knowing that in each trip he may find them, but when Teal’c, to save Daniel’s life, kills Daniel’s wife Shari, he resigns.

Is this the end of the pilgrimage for the doctor? No, it is a renewal of the journey as he moves to a more selfless reason to continue the journey of discovery of the holy.

The stories of these two continue in mid-seasons by the Ascension of Daniel, and his appearances to Jack to once again save the universe.  Both of these men moving beyond the rules written on the page, to the essence of the law, living a life and being explorers hoping to do no harm, and make things better.

The pilgrimage, to journey through life, to reduce the harm we do, draw closer to the Holy Mystery (ascension if you will) and as the ancient Viking proverb guides us, leave this world better than when we entered it.


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