Abduction the Conclusion

Posted: December 9, 2010 by Ty in Humans for Alien Rule, Rex O'Neil Mysteries

Heat…intense heat…feel like I am melting out of my own skin.

Blistering cold. Self-freezing. Reshaping back to human form.



            Flashes of brilliant white light.

What is going on?  My mind feels like thunder rolling through the sky, then the screeching sound ripping my brain apart.  I think my hands are gripping my head, but I can’t feel my fingers.  Come to think of it I cannot feel my body at all.  I am floating in some gelatinous goo.

            Eyes won’t open.  Or are they open? Can’t see through—all like seeing the world through a prism.

            Seeing flashes of light.  A myriad of world’s exploding around me. Many voices speaking into one.

An exploded church building.

            An antler horn on my lips blowing, the chain mail chafes my mid section.

More pain, a whip strapping my back as I push a sand brick.

            What are these? Sights of past lives? Past experiences? What is going on?

“Rex, or should we address you as Pharaoh? Bartok? Priezt? Hoode? Sir Rupert? Susan? Regal?”

            Ow my head is hurting, the voice is a mix of some cheesy science fiction re-echo effect and I think Julie Newmar as Catwoman.  The names sound familiar.  They touch my ears.  The litany continues. “John MacCurtis, John McCurtis, Kyler Storm.” All these names, a litany of universe out there that have recently ceased, my mind is opening up.  Billions of humans lost to reality, as all of these alternate realities collapsed inwards to this one.

            One linear thought.

“You are wrong, the other realities exist.  You are but THE nexus.  The one point where all become fiction and reality, myth and truth.  You are the Lox.”

            A rush of air and I feel my body slam hard into steel.  The light show ends and it is all black. No more intense heat or cold, just comfortable room temperature.  Okay shake my head, my clothes are gone, and I am in a shimmering white robe.  WTF?


Snow in my mouth; please God let it be clean snow.  Spit it out. Where am I?  Look down, I am dressed, well jeans and a t-shirt, and my hoody, look up and peer through the shattered room window.  Step back through into the room.  Marvin is gone.

            `He is in a better place.’ That damn voice again.  What is that?

`You are the Lox’

            What the hell is the Lox?

`You are the Loxley.’

            That clears it up, and I am going insane listening to voices in my head wonder if there is a medication for this?

            “Hello?! Anyone around?” No response, but my head is still, wait room is spinning, doing one of those spiny television effects and I am feeling metal again, what is going on?

            `The Lox is needed.  You are the Lox.’

That clears a lot up.  Where is Marvin?

            `Marvin has returned to the Source, he was unhappy; we thought he was the Lox, but were wrong. You are the Lox.’

            Okay if I am the Lox then who the hell are you?

The metal around me vanishes and I am standing in my living room.

            `Through the Lox the world will be saved.’

“Who are you?~!!!!”

The End ?


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