The Sightless Seer Part 1

Posted: December 14, 2010 by Ty in Rex O'Neil Mysteries

My dreams have gotten weirder since the “Banff Case” as I have begun calling it.  Weird psychedelic colours swirling in my mind all night long which awakens me far to early and drives me out to the local greasy spoon (formerly a Husky House, now something new, I could tell you, but that would require the street lights providing actual light, and they having a business sign above the door).

The coffee is sure enough rotting out my gut; I am one of three folks inside.  There is the toothless sex trade worker so androgynous I am not sure what gender they are and then there’s the waitress who I think is doubling as the cook, she is a Ms. Slokum type off of the Britcom `Are you Being Served?’ right down to the bright blue hair, just waiting for the pussy jokes.

My pen is scribbling in the journal.  Trying to sort out the colours, the flashes of other people, or are their lives.  The weird voices I hear echoing that some say is the voice of God, yet I am struggling with.  I could have sworn that aliens in Banff abducted me.  Although how do you mention that to anyone with them taking you seriously? So I am reading Ancient Astronaut theory, parapsychology, alien abduction theory, and any thing else I can find in the New Age section at Chapters to be able to understand this experience.  Especially since my client never returned alive from it.

The waitress has a missing gap tooth boarded by two faux gold-capped teeth; she is smiling at me and beginning to trip me out.  She moves towards me with the coffee pot. “Freshen you up, Lox.”

“What did you say?”

“Freshen up your cup, luv.” I nod.  Okay I am starting to hear things, could have sworn she called me Lox.  That’s what the voice in Banff called me, The Lox or the Loxley.  Through me the world will be saved.  What the same hill does that mean?

            Although I won’t be able to save much if I can’t get a decent night’s sleep.  It may be time to approach an actual human being in regards to this, as my own research is not producing results.  It is time to visit the Spiritualist Centre and to see if their Seer can help me.

            Finish up my coffee and leave a five on the counter and head out.  The sun is rising, it’s Sunday morning 8 a.m.. I make my way via transit up to the centre.  The ride takes an hour, I manage to catch a cat nap, but still am not firing on all cylinders.

            The centre is in an old store front, the windows have been blacked out with paint, and I step through the glass door, the bell from what I believe was a turn of the century book store jingles to announce my arrival, yet no one responds.  It is too quiet.  The floorboards are creaking, the old pine plank wood bending under my step as I move towards what they use for the worship area.  It is far too quiet, even for a pre-service time.

            The room of the gatherings has chairs over turned, looks like a tussle, candles are rolled over and the curtains are singed. Move towards the centre of the room, broken tables, and a pool of sticky liquid. It smells of copper and coffee.  Follow the trail out of the meeting room to the hallway and into the public washroom.

            The door is ajar.  Push it open as the liquid trail flows inwards.  The body is impaled onto the shattered toilet, with jagged ceramic pieces jutting through him.  His eyes have been cut out and stuffed into his mouth, so have his ears, with the neck slit.  Blood is splattered everywhere.

            Someone did not want the Seer to speak today.  I flip open my phone and hit 911. “I would like to report a murder.”

To Be Continued…

Next: Who or what is the Lox?  Rex’s self-discovery continues as the mystery of the Sightless Seer continues…

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