Heresy of the Heretic…

Posted: December 19, 2010 by Ty in Spirituality

I must admit, both these words have been used to describe me, my writings and even sometimes my <gasp> preaching/teaching.  Why do these words crop up so easily in our Christendom dialogues?

Simple, by labelling someone a heretic, or a thought heresy, we no longer need to consider what truth may evolve from it.  We no longer have to even think of the thought, because it would challenge our world view.  This can be a scary thing in the Christian world because the current established church comes across more as the Pharisees of the Gospel, than of a Living Body of Christ, journeying on the way to the heart of God.

Another good thing to remember when we label someone or something with these words, that historically the heretics, and the heresies of the church throughout time are no necessarily true or false teachings, but rather the choice that did not win in the grand debate, they are the beliefs and believers of the side that was not the winner of the dispute, and thus are relegated to the margins of history.

What changes within our faith, if we are to consider all teachings as coming from the one God, each speak to a certain segment, how they speak into our journey, and draw us closer to God?  Truly allowing the Spirit of the Holy Mystery to speak into our beings.



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