The Infidel and Robin Hood

Posted: December 20, 2010 by Ty in Spirituality of Robin Hood

The Muslim character within the Robin Hood legacy comes from the tradition of placing the Robin Hood stories during the Christian Crusades to the Holy Land (a religious veil of genocide of Jews in the European Countryside and attempting to colonize by force).  Whether it is Jax (BBC 2008-2010), Azeem (Prince of Thieves 1992), or the saracen in Robin of Sherwood (BBC 1980’s), these characters are used as a counter culture balance, that actually spoke against the societal norms of the period.

For today’s world, where they exist we are caught in the tension of the Spectrum of Islam in the media, from Agnostic/Cultural Islam to Al-Qaeda Islam and every vignette in between.  These characters provide a culture busting for the Judeo-Christian West to open up their eyes to what we have gained from our Muslim brothers and sisters.

The best example of this, was in Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood Prince of Thieves where Azeem brings medicine to those living in community in Sherwood Forest, aids in turning Fanny’s baby inutero, brings technology to the front to crumble the Sheriff’s defenses in the form of black powder.

Jax, a woman (sultan’s daughter) posing as a man joins the band of outlaws, and falls in love with Will Scarlett and in the tragic love story within Robin and Marian (both dying to find eternal happiness together), Jax and William marry in the Holy Land and live happily ever after.  A mixed marriage across religion, culture and geographics brings a happy ending, an enduring symbol of what it means to live in the heart of God and the joy that can bring for all the children of the Holy Mystery.



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