The Sightless Seer Part 3

Posted: December 29, 2010 by Ty in Rex O'Neil Mysteries

“Padre Rising”

            How do I explain this to this guy. “Okay this is going to sound very weird.” I lay down the story, the abduction in Banff and the murdered Seer.  “So what the fuck do you know about the Lox?”

            I think he’s grinning underneath all those bandages.  That is so weird, but there must be something I am deeply missing. “The Lox, or Loxley is an alien elder.  The alien elders—“

            “Look I know the whole Stargate theory.”

“That’s good, but if you explore a bit deeper you get Sitchin who postulated that the number 12 is the holy number, and there is not 11 planets but there was originally 12, and Marduk was the 12th that set everything in motion.”  Padre said, “essentially there has been said there will be 12 heroes to come before the world transforms again.  The Hood[1] is one, I have discovered I am 2.  A journalist friend, Alan A. Dale is third, you were said to be the fourth, and the Seer was to awaken shortly as the fifth.”

            Okay head is spinning.  That was quite a bit to hear from a burned up pastor. Now the question arises though who killed the Seer back in Calgary, and why some one is hunting us down? “So who is doing this?”

            The Padre shrugs, but then pauses.  “Shit.  The Sheriff[2].”

“What the fuck is the Sheriff?” 

            “He has gotten 2 of the 12, there was a young hero here who went by the name Pigeon, he aided us in stopping a gang war[3].  The Sheriff is an enigma, appeared and executed the Pigeon, and then vanished.”

            Okay this is way over my head.  But time to slow it down. “So what we have is 12 peeps that are needed, and we got 2 that are dead.  So there’s basically four of us left?”

            Padre nods. “And some mystery guy attempting to whack us all.”

“And what precisely are the 12 of us supposed to do?”

            “2012 man, change the world completely.” I must have looked like I blanked out because Padre seemed to slow down his speech. “Allegedly the `gods’ are destined to return, and finally secure their place in the light, to save us all.  But the 12 of us are to stop this from happening.”

            Okay now my head is really hurting, WTF? “So our world will transition into a golden age, and you want to end that?”

            Padre pinches where the bridge of his nose should be. “There’s a dark side to everything.  We are the last line of defense before another invasion takes root.”

            Okay this is seriously causing my head to hurt.  I mean it looks like the world will be better, yet in the grand scheme of things it really isn’t, because the 12, now 10 but are still missing, are meant to stop it.  Is this making sense to anyone else out there?  “So what is the plan?”

            “Simple we need to figure out where the other  6 will appear and beat the Sheriff there to recruit them before he kills them.” The plan sounds simple. 

            “And how will we do this? And how will we know who these other  are to be?”

Padre flashes his teeth.  “Simple, we begin the leg work like one does when writing an investigative piece.” He flips open a cell phone and shoots off two text messages. “We need the others.”

To be Continued…

Next: Enter the Forest…

[1] For the origin of The Hood and Alan A. Dale, go to and read Sherwood e-book.

[2] Check out “Pigeon’s Last Flight” available at under Sherwood.

[3] Read “Street Priezt” e-book at

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