The Sightless Seer: Conclusion

Posted: January 11, 2011 by Ty in Rex O'Neil Mysteries

“Enter Jonny Power”

     Flying through the air in a glowing energy ball, talking to super heroes and aliens.  My life was so simple before Banff, and now my head is killing me. Dropping to one knee, the others are sleeping.  We are to stop the end that is to come in 2012 that Sheriff is attempting to bring in early.

     We are coming in to Ottawa and the group voted for me to talk to the city’s hero, a flying muscle bound guy. It’s the Hag in my head.  “You ready Lox.”

     “Look my name is Rex, please call me that.” Something resembling a wide screen LCD television opens in front of me.  We are over the Peace Tower of Parliament Hill, and wish it did not look so shocking but there is a man flying towards me or rather, Hag.

     “Well Rex, you’re up.” Great. A microphone type device appears in my hand.

     “Good morning Jon, let’s chat.”

     The flying man looks a bit jumpy. He is examining the flying light orb.  “Why are you a floating head?”

     Hag help me out here, why am I a floating head?

“Simple, Rex, I have reconfigured my energy form to appear as your head.”

     “Well it’s a long story can we touch down on that roof top and discuss?”

     Jonny touches down on the room of the Supreme Court building, I feel the energy envelope my form and I appear next to him.  “My name is Rex O’Neil, I am a P.I. from Calgary.”

     “Who flies around as a giant head.”

I lay out the whole story.  The hero does not look like he believes me, until the energy shimmers around us again.

     We are surround in the energy orb, by 7 corporeal beings, and two shimmering wraith like ghosts. Padre is the first one to speak, “Welcome to the team Power, I have been looking forward to meeting you.”

     It’s the first time I glimpse that Jonny Power in spite of his power looks rather young.  “How old are you?”

     “What does it matter to you head boy argh!” he grips the sides of his head and crumples down in agony. 

     “Hag stop!” Gisbourne shouts.

With a tear trickling down his cheek Power looks up at the gathered crew. “Who the fuck is Hag?”

     The Hood’s sweet voice responds.  “We are living in Hag currently, she/he/it is the ULO we are in, and she tends to lack patience with impertinence.”

       Odin and Alan were planning off somewhere else in the orb.  Pigeon and the Seer were attempting to locate Sheriff. That left the rest of us to try and calm the kid down, to be able to bring him into the fold.

     “Look, I am like the 12th guy to be Jonny Power, I was leaving my junior high school when the flash hit me.”

     Herne nods, “yes Power was looking for a new hybrid since his Terran form died.” Herne goes on to enlighten the kid about his heritage that dates not only to this Current Era Terra, but also Before Current Era when his partner entity existed within the bowels of Mercury, and the Ancient Colonization. 

     The colonization led to a hybrid in Medieval England known as John Little, who worked with one of the historic Robin Hood’s in beating oppression.  The kid is starting to get that glazed over look in his eyes.

     “Okay guys, we got a 13 year old kid with the main power, but we are dumping stuff on him that would make anyone’s attention span wane.” Herne actually looks pissed off at me for interrupting, but Hag breaks in again.

     “Sheriff is heading towards the Temple.”

Okay it’s my turn to be confused now.  The Temple, this had not been mentioned previously.

     “The Temple is underneath Sherwood.” Alan Said.

Now my head is hurting, we fly all the way East to pick up the kid, to fly all the way back.  “This makes no sense, if we were in the city where the Temple was, why did we come here?!” Not my calmest moment.

     Odin spoke clearly and in a sort of reverberating voice to the group. “The 12 must stand together in the Holy Temple.  Sheriff is at the Temple attempting to start the Ascension Rite without us which will trigger Armageddon.”

     Okay my head is spinning now more than ever. “What is the Ascension Rite?”

     It’s Gisbourne that fills in the blanks for us, “The Ascension Rite is our way of ending Armageddon, it is the 12 of us together ascending back into the Brahma/Nirvana/Paradise, The Holy Mystery if you will.”

     The Hood twists on her heal and make eye contact with Gisbourne, or more eye to chest contact. “No one said this was a suicide mission.”

     A brilliant flash of light and the 10 of us are standing in the wreckage of Padre’s church. Hag is floating as a glowing red dot in front of the crumbled altar.  It is her voice that addresses us. “Below this building is the Ancient Temple.  The Temple was once the mother ship for the original colonizers, Gisbourne’s ancestors, when there was just a super continent modern Terran scientist has begun to call Pangaea. The arrival of the original hybrids in a rain of fire shifted the tectonic plates and shattered the continent.  Sheriff is a supposed immortal from those hybrids who has tried several times to issue in the end of the world.

     At each step one of us, or an incarnation of one of us stepped in to stop him. One of us is no longer an option, the traitor most be reabsorbed into the Source.  Once that has happened the universe will continue.  This is not a simple mission, it is not a mission from me, I am simply a messenger from the Source, and this is the way it must end.  If you wish to leave, then there will be an apocalypse in 2012.”

     Clear as mud. “So basically Hag we either dive into the sewers and end this, or the world ends?” If an energy point could nod in agreement I believe that is what they would look like. Hood takes the lead, “then let’s go.” She steps behind the altar and pulls up a floor board revealing a secret passage.

     Good to know, time to go.  Hood, followed by Gisbourne, Odin, Pigeon, Seer, Herne, Alan, Padre, Jonny, Hag, and begrudgingly I bring up the rear.  The modern day band of Robin and His Merry Peeps, “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to save the world we go.”

     Hag mutters something that sounds like Galic Pig Latin and we vanish from the sewage water and reappear in what resembles a stereotypical ancient world temple, y’know the kinds that were described in the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) in regards to the Levitical sex laws, because you would just show up to worship and screw whatever was there as your act of worship.

     In the centre of the temple around the glory of the altar, fresh blood running down, looks like dead squirrels, cats and dogs, stands a large humanoid, my guess…The Sheriff.

     The Sheriff’s voice sounds fairly high-pitched “Oh great Quetzalcoatl bring about your will!”

     Hag flies overhead.  “You call upon that which you do not understand!” The little glowing dot explodes into a feathered serpent.  “I am but one expression of the Holy Mystery.  The 12 stand in the holy temple where life began to change in this world, the Temple that bore witness at the Big Bang, and road the shock waves to that which emerged from the primal ooze in the Great Story.”

     The Sheriff crumples.  Hood leans in, “did you know she could do that?”

     “Dudette I am new here.”

A weird wavy voice like in a Boris Karhloff movie speaks out, “you are my chosen children, whom I am well pleased.  Welcome home.”

     The end of the world as we know it…nope stopped by the Magnificent 11 and the extra guy.  Ah to become ascended…

The End

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