Chapter Six

Throughout 2005 I came to realize that systemic issues of people infested most, if not all institutions.  I had travelled through political ideologies like I did churches. Between St. Thomas More, and St. George’s Anglican, I landed at Centennial Presbyterian as their youth pastor, and defined my call to the pulpit ministry, and did work with the Young Adult Ministry at Rockyview Alliance Church.  It was during this time I began to take seriously my Franciscan Formation, the idea of contemplation during social justice work.

  This period I dubbed my pilgrimage as I began to do relevant ministry in each of the churches that brought me through my beginning years.  St. George’s was what I believed was the final step.

  I transferred from the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans ( and joined the Third Order, Society of St. Francis (  It was a good time to be Anglican, as I continued the writing I started with the Presbyterian Record, and transferred on as a writer with the Anglican Sower. These reflections of ministerial practice percolated thought throughout the diocese.

  The vow ceremonies with the TSSF[1] raised awareness of the work being done by laity within the church.  Although one of my non-negotiables came to the forefront.  As the Anglican Church wrestles with what they have dubbed, “the question” pc-talk for whether or not the LGBTTQ community can be classed as full Christians, and discovered that due to church cannon, the differently abled could not always be full participants.

  This began to percolate; as well I saw the ugly money monster once again rear its head.  It was an aging congregation (be honest, the ACC is an aging church that is bordering on irrelevancy sadly), and they were transitioning out of relevant ministries for the community they existed in. This irrelevancy concerned me, because their theological school in Saskatoon, SK (Emmanuel & St. Chad) is doing amazing work equipping the next generation of clergy (I attended two sessions of their Summer School for Laity which was amazing).

 I stepped down to pursue my Doctor of (Holistic) Psychology (seeing if I had the chops for post-grad work, cause I really wanted to pursue a D.Min) and was elected as a People’s Warden. Served all of two months before I got the call to go back to Foothills United, yes it was a church I had a love hate relationship with. My Nanny had been attending there since my Granddad passed away, and it was a good way to spend time with her.

  My sacred practice called me back to my Eastern roots as well (I had loved Aikido), and started into Yoga, Laughing Yoga and Tai Chi.

  I was also now working full time with Hull Child & Family Services HOPE Work Experience Program (since closed down by the Alberta Government) which was a work experience program for the differently abled.

  They were once again in an interim ministry (again the institution that does not play well with others, and the money concerns).  Yet here I was. After beginning to attend I started teaching Sunday School and took over the youth group, basically Rob (the interim minister) asked me to step onto the council as the Christian Education Director (I became a committee of one), and started to experiment with ways to reach out to the community, but also to illuminate the youngest in the church whose average age was 85 years old.

[1] During this time I was involved in a long distance relationship with a girl (yes she was older than me in years, but man was she immature) in Mesa, AZ that was a fundamentalist Christian (don’t ask), aside from the cool parts of travelling the Southwestern U.S. and being in Franciscan Bascillica’s for worship, I tired of hearing how evil sex was, what had to be done to be seen as a “Holy Person” (total hypocrisy in her part)  and why these people would burn. She went back to her porn addicted ex, because he was compliant to the church image, and besides, the sex sucked. Yes I know, TMFI.

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