I do hope this actually stimulates some conversation.

To Members/Adherents of the Presbyterian Church in Canada; Free Lutheran Church; Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada; Anglican Church of Canada; Lutheran Church-Canada; United Church of Canada; Disciples of Christ; and the Mennonite Churches;

It is becoming increasingly obvious that our churches are struggling under mortgages; building upkeeps; faltering clergy numbers; shrinking rural congregations, and urban congregations that are bequeathed with monies that may keep them running for years after the last member has passed away.

But is this keeping with our commission to build the Kingdom (a community of inclusion, empowerment and love) here on Earth? What if there is another way?  A way that shows the true blessings of the body of Christ?  the answer is before us, with many examples of how it can be accomplished the choice though is are we willing to set aside our ego, our tribalism and our beliefs that we are right, and the other is wrong.

Let us throw off the institutional shackles that bind us to rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic.  Let us bring about a more trades style model of mentoring, and online learning to equip new clergy serving under experienced clergy.  Let us dismantle the multiple levels of governance that bind the church into its death cycle.

What would happen if we all sold our buildings and gave the money to organizations on mass to end the plights of our nation?  What if we dissasembled synods/diocese/presbyteries/conferences/districts and redirected that money to international relief efforts through organizations like the UN and Red Cross (merging our denominational relief efforts into such institutes ; what if we redistributed our congregations back into local communities with as Martin Luther phrased it, Simple Pastors, to meet in people’s living rooms for bible studies and yes even worship and meals…if the local area spoke to a larger need, then possibly renting community centre space for services or space in a mosque or Sikh temple?

What if we took a chance on actually living and working together in community for the better without the burden of real estate? without worries on where the money to replace the roof, build the ramps, fix the parking lot, replace the furnace, what if the basement floods again, what about keeping the power on, and hte list goes on and on…

What if we took the leap of faith to actually be a faith family together…perhaps showing our new found freedom by release of the institution by christening this new body the Free Church of God?

Is there a resonance to begin this movement? To truly reform and rebuild the church in Canada as a true soul, not just a fading institution on the horizon?


Ty Ragan

  1. Todd says:

    I hear you…what are we most focused on, the mortage and the bills or are we focused on the community? Jesus never carried money…His focus was on the community, on His family of believers and on those who had yet to accept Him. Will the body of believers self examine is the question?


  2. Ty says:

    I prayerfully hope we will, but the human ego that sees prestige within the confines of the institution is a powerful force for silencing the Spirit of God.

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