The above link is of course designed to take you to the full mandated report on structural renewal. In all honesty, the ELCIC at least is acting on a realization facing all Mainline Protestant Churches in Canada, the institutional structure is bankrupting the church.  Unfortunately the renewal plan while moving quick for the church, is not moving quick enough, or truly courageous enough to allow the Church to answer it’s calling of being in Mission with Others.

How can I tell this? Simple, one throw away line, all synods were not abolished because of lack of support for this.  It wasn’t because it tied in with the calling, but rather because they did not want to alienate members.  When it comes to office structures, titles used, these are not part of the community, rather they are part of the institution. So the question that arises is are we in mission for others (the world) or are we in mission to maintain the Titanic after it hit the ice berg?



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