The Parliament Newsletter
Women in
Religous Peacebuilding:

Women in Religious Peacebuilding Stories Yet to be Told
What role do women play in peacebuilding? Why
is it that most interfaith peacebuilding initiatives are presumed to be male? A
recently authored report by the United States Institute of Peace and Berkley
Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs on “Women
in Religious Peacebuilding
” seeks to answer these questions and set the
stage for further inquiry about women in interfaith peacebuilding. Its authors

Women involved in peacebuilding around the
world often draw inspiration and support from religious sources and
organizations. However, little attention has been paid to these actors and the
religious dimension of women’s work for peace, even though the role of religion
in conflict and peacebuilding has received greater attention in recent years, as
has the role of women in promoting peace. This is due, in large part, to the
relative invisibility of their efforts.

The authors acknowledge that for peacebuilding to take place
more effectively across religious lines, it is imperative to better understand
the role that women and women-led interfaith peace initiatives have played in
resolving religious disputes. They affirm, “The lack of attention [paid to
women-led initiatives] also has led to failures in understanding the nature of
the conflict and has hidden from view potential avenues for resolving conflicts
and promoting postconflict healing and reconciliation.” Peace is multi-gendered.
So too are the initiatives that bring it about.

The authors of the report are Katherine
Marshall and Susan Hayward, with Claudia Zambra, Esther Breger, and Sarah

here to learn more and download the report…

Two Minutes of Wisdom
with Eboo Patel

Two Minutes of Wisdom
with Tenzin Palmo

Do Atheists Belong in the Interfaith Movement?
by Chris Stedman

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk
in the organized atheist, humanist, skeptic and freethought movements about the
potential benefits and drawbacks of interfaith work.


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