In Recovery…

Posted: June 25, 2011 by Ty in Spirituality
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Yeah I know astounding, and yup it is true, I am about to answer a question that has tracked my ministry for the past 14 years. Am I a Christian? Well, yes, but I am a Recovering Christian.  What does that mean?

Some may be familair with the term Recovering Catholic, which speaks to those coming out of an abusive-oppressive religious structure.  So why have I expanded it? Simple, I have travelled through many of the denoms, and actually I could expand the term to a Recovering Religious.

What is there to recover from? The disillusionment of structures that punish those that work towards a better world, reach out to their community while protecting those that abuse children and the vulnerable emotionally, spiritually and sexually.

We live in a world where religious vernacular is used to cover up and justify atrocities such as wars, poverty, genocide. Where God has become equated with capitalism, and democracy. Or if you are on the other side of the conflict…

A world where the Holy has been minimized, placed in a box, made controllable by a few, and access has been determined if you are “Holy Enough” to come near. Where one cannot read their scriptures as the eternal myths of inspiration they are meant to be without ridicule, because they have been made literal, closed, and used to justify what is right/wrong, and who can or cannot be called by God to a life of ministry.

It is wanting to throw these shackles off of God, to walk away from the self-perpetuating cycle of self-hatred and loathing created through religiousity, and to be able to finally embrace that which we were created to be: beloved, and blessed.

For the truth is simple.

God is love.

We are called to create a bigger world.

My name is Ty Ragan, and I am a Recovering Religious.


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