Creation and Fall Rethought

Posted: June 26, 2011 by Ty in Spirituality
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SO this morning at church, what came out during a Spirit moment, was a reimaging of the Creation and Fall story…here is what I remember:

On the 6th Day God did not say, “YOU SUCK!” rather He/She/It breathed life into us, and declread that we were Very Good, Blessed and Beloved. God walked with us in the garden, as a loving parent does as a child grows. Then came the day we made a choice, and God did not scream at us, instead She came home and knew something was up, and simply said, Where are you? The response was We were hiding because we were naked, and did God anger? No, God simply asked who told you you were Naked?

And then begins the blame game, Well she told me to eat the fruit, he didn’t tell me not to…welcome to late adolescence, and God knows that we are growing and learning. So we can read chapter 3 of Genesis with punsihment, but listen as someone speaking to a child preparing to leave home.

I cannot protect you from the full pain of your choices anymore (women being given pain in childbirth).

I am sorry my child, but you must work to make your living (men needing to break a sweat to get that which they need to survive).
Clothes given, and were they turned out into the cold to die? No, God opened the gates and showed them the amazingness of and said, what many parents have said to a child looking to their future. This is your world, to choose to do with as you will, good or evil, the choice is yours, go forward and transform the world.

So were we cursed? Are we evil? No, what resonates from the story, is the story of growing in blessing, and being entrusted with the most precious…


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