Words of Welcome to 2nd Sunday after Pentecost Service

Posted: June 26, 2011 by Ty in Spirituality
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Who do we follow? That is what today’s journey through contemplation and sermon is about. Asking ourselves do we follow the printed bible? Do we follow the crucified Christ? Do we follow the empty tomb? Do we follow the Ascended Lord?

OR do we follow the living and present word of God, Jesus the Christ? Today is about discovering what the idea of following the Way of Christ is actually all about. Our altar is set up to reflect this, with the only present thing being one lone Christ candle reflecting the light of Christ shining through us to the world.

As with last week we are offering our time, talent and treasures. We invite the children and children at heart forward to create art throughout the service to be placed in the altar area at the time of offering, and encourage other members to write their worship pledge for the week.

Please join us in the prayer of the lighting of the Christ Candle.

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