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The Parliament Newsletter
Education as Transformation
Education as
by Peter Laurence

With religious
and spiritual diversity increasingly present at colleges and universities around
the world, there is a great need—and increasing recognition of that need—for new
resources and collaboration to address these issues and prepare students to live
and work in a religiously diverse world.

Toward that end, Education as
Transformation (EasT) was formed as an international project of the Office of
Religious and Spiritual Life at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. It was
launched in 1998 with a conference that was attended by over 800 people from
colleges and universities throughout the United States and beyond, and has
worked since then to provide educational institutions with the means to develop
their religious life programs, staffing and facilities.

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Words Of Wonder: How Jewish Poems Become Songs Of
by Josh

“Melody is the outpouring of the soul. Words interrupt the
stream of emotions. For the songs of the souls, at the time they are swaying in
the high regions to drink from the well of the Almighty King, consist of tones
only, dismantled of words.” –From the Hasidic masters

centered around The Sixth Street Community Synagogue in the East Village and
avant-garde label Tzadik Records, a community of Jewish artists, including Jake
Marmer, Basya Schechter and Rabbi Greg Wall, is lifting up and re-forming those
dismantled words.
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Faith @ Work: Is God present in our daily
By J. Douglas

Hubris and arrogance should have little quarter in the lives of
those with animating and authentic faith; yet I have observed in myself and
others something quite troubling. And though it is a patently false idea, it has
been embraced by believers. I am referring to the notion that the unenlightened
(non-believers) wander aimlessly through life devoid of any sense whatsoever of
spiritual reality until I (we) burst on to the scene and into their sorry lives.
It is then that we the “initiated” or enlightened explain the ‘truth’ to the
lost ones.
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Trustee Corner
The Journey of a Lifetime
Mohammad A. Siddiqi, Ph. D.
Mohammad A. Siddiqi CPWR Trustee

Looking back
at my childhood days spent in Gorakhpur, India (a northeastern Indian town only
50 miles south of Nepal borders), I can say now that I joined an interfaith
group when I was in fourth grade. We established a children’s club, the Bal
Sangh Club or simply the Children’s Club. There were a few Muslims, plenty of
Hindus, only one Christian, and two Buddhists—about 40 of us between the ages of
9 and 14.

Besides playing soccer, badminton, cricket, and volleyball, we
regularly wrote, produced, and staged plays that reflected themes of communal
harmony and promoted interfaith understanding. During these plays our parents
and elders from the community came together at the auditorium of Arya Samaj
Sansthaan (an organization run by the followers of Swami Vivekananda). Some of
us were very devout Muslims, or Hindus, or Christians, or Buddhists, but all of
us were very close to each other. We had a sort of parliament with a president,
prime minister, speaker, finance minister, and so on. It was a wonderful fantasy
that we enjoyed until everyone moved somewhere else after graduating from high

Latest from
State of

Voices of Emerging

Saumya Arya HaasSvaha: On Giving Up My Father
by Saumya Arya Haas

Eve TurowBalancing Judgment: The Effects of Religion in U.S.

By Eve

Phillipe Copeland Not Free To Learn
by Phillipe Copeland

Program Highlight:

Social Cohesion Project
In the midst of the xenophobia that is sweeping
Europe, Malmo, Sweden has offered to serve as the inaugural site for one of the
Council’s most exciting new ventures. This five-year process will connect and
mobilize mainstream religious communities to act as advocates for immigrant
religious communities.

Help us continue to connect communities around the
world and empower their work for the common good. Make a gift

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