Recovery Road: New thoughts on Jesus

Posted: July 1, 2011 by Ty in Spirituality
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It is interesting, for the summer I have joined a group of friends in a book study, we are exploring Marcus Borg’s Speaking Christian, which is a historian’s journey of recovery within the context of the Christian faith, and he wants to reclaim the language we have long used to abuse/oppress individuals and create division. The interesting piece is in a 3 chapter cycle that explores Jesus. Who is Jesus for us today? We tend to confuse who Jesus is; we confuse the historical Jesus (the human/pre- Easter) with the post-Easter Messiah. It is interesting because within this distinction he notes, that by superimposing the pure revelation of God in the Post-Easter Christ, onto the human pre-Easter Jesus we discredit the living Word of God, that which is inspirational and discredit what Jesus’ life and how it was lived meant for us and what we can accomplish this day. The other intriguing aspect to reflect on is what the Cross actually means. In the modern church we have drilled it into our minds that it is all about propitiation of sins, the substitionary sacrifice/atonement—yet this is not what sacrifices meant for the writers of the New Testament, which is the important context. So what does sacrifice mean? In this context it is about an offering up to God of the purest, an offering that makes one sacred, and then the offering is eaten by the community. Hmmm…an offering of the teacher which makes him sacred and then the followers gather for a meal. What powerful symbolism, a redemption of the execution, and a truly new meaning to the Communion/Eucharist, it is in this moment of fellowship, of community, that we are made sacred within God.


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