95th Chalice Lighting

Posted: July 2, 2011 by Ty in Spirituality
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Below is the 95th in the
monthly series of Global Chalice Lightings from the International Council of
Unitarians and Universalists, for use during June 2011. It is submitted
in Kirundi, French, and English by the Assemblée des Chrétiens Unitariens du Burundi. Please see that this Global
Chalice Lighting is translated, if necessary, and distributed as widely as
possible within your group.

If someone else should be the
designated contact for your group, please let me know as soon as

In faith,


Lorella Thomas
editor, The Global Chalice
ICUU newsletter


kw’abantu kugurura imiryango myiinshi

Kwinjira mu mico y’abandi no kugurikira uburyo bundi bwo gutahura no
gukora ibintu.

abandi bica birakura muri twebwe umutima wokwitanga uturoresha kubandi mu
kubitangira atakwikunda kugiyemwo.

musi, muri aka gatondo, nitwatse iri tara ryo kugurukira abandi, yo gutangarira
bishasha biduteza imbere eka mbere no gukorera hamwe gukomeye.


rencontre entre les peoples renferme des possibilités inattendues

Expériences culturelles et ouverture  à de nouvelles façons de
comprendre et de faire les choses.

L’attention à l’autre se développe et un esprit de détachement nous
tourne vers l’autre dans un service désintéressé.

Aujourd’hui, ce matin, allumons une flamme d’ouverture à l’autre,  de
curiosité enrichissante et de coopération active.


When people
meet, endless possibilities emerge–

New cultural
experiences and openness to new ways of understanding and doing

A special
attention to the other and a sense of service beyond self develop.

Today, this
morning, let us light the chalice for openness, willingness to grow, enriching
curiosity, and active cooperation.

Fulgence Ndagijimana

Assemblée des Chrétiens Unitariens du Burundi


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