Political Disengagement?

Posted: July 2, 2011 by Ty in Current Events
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It is a unique thing, because politics and political parties are like the church, always looking back towards what they class as the good ol’ days, the hey days. Political Activity, people willing to engage, etc etc etc. Yet are these actually days that existed or is it simply something that we like to look back upon? Have we become lazy?

Or is it that the world and demographics are changing, and the political parties are still playing a game of “we’re right” “you’re wrong” when what the newer generations want, is what our system says it is on paper in the Constitution Act 1982: Peace, Order and Good Governance. The opposition is there not to outrigh oppose, but to work with the governing party to create better legislation for the people of Canada (or the province). We have created an adversarial system, when in essence, what is needed is a system of cooperation, that brings many ideologies and belief to the table, and those elected are meant to bring the best of their idelogies to the table to craft the laws and bills that build our nation better, unity within our blessed diversity.

The question is will anyone(s) emerge to do this, or will the old party system status quo continue to win out because it maintains power and money?

Make a choice in the coming Provincial election in Alberta, choose the best people who will promise and follow through on collaboration for Albertans, and then follow the same voting pattern in 2015 federally. We can change our nation, and it can start with something as simple as a vote, but also with re-engaging with our own neighbourhoods, get to know your neighbours, make eye contact, say hi…Simple acts that begin to renew community, and the dreamt of hey days, may actually become a reality.


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