Question of Money…Along Recovery Road

Posted: July 3, 2011 by Ty in Spirituality
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Funny thing struck me while recently tweeting (yes I am of the tweeps). But a question arose in my mind, why do we make donations? What is our drive?

Now the first thing that does come to mind is because we want to make a better world.

Yet is this true.

How often do we receive a tax receipt for our donations? Would we make the same donations without a tax receipt?

How many people that financially support a political party would still do it if they did not receive 75% of the donation back at tax time? Or a receipt for tax purposes? Which parties would survive if they lost the ability to provide tax incentive to donors?

Draw the circle a little wider, how many religious institutions would survive if they lost the ability to give tax receipts? If they lost that cherished “charity status” but then the question arises how many actually do the work they say they do?

These are questions that are pondered, what is the drive to give, because you believe in the cause or because you get the receipt? Take away the tax benefit would you still give? Would you still give as much?

  1. Todd MacDonald says:

    I think I can answer part of your question. Casting Nets Compassionate Ministry is a non-profit Christian organization that provides FREE counselling services to thiose in need and we rely on donations to survive but without our charitable status we get NO support. There is no aultruism in giving in my humble opinion. Top that off with the fact that the government does not see fit to provide us with our status because we are not charitable enough…go figure eh?

    Sucks to be us.

  2. Ty says:

    NGO’s and Non-profits actually doing the work of Jesus struggle, while churches that sit and rot are allowed to collect tax receiptable donations…wonder what would happen if the institution was actually held to the rigor of other non-profits would they survive?

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