MS vein therapy scrutinized in Alberta study – Health – CBC News

Posted: July 27, 2011 by Ty in Current Events, Spirituality

MS vein therapy scrutinized in Alberta study – Health – CBC News.

Will the government reimburse the costs for those they track? The Liberation Treatment is like any treatment yet to be accepted, that is it is an unknown variable contingent on each individual. For some a miracle cure, for others a simple amazing removal of insurmountable fatigue, for some nothing, and for some sadly, true release from this life to Paradise.

Yet how much different would results be if the extra stress of travel, no follow up, extensive debt ridden expenses and no families around while undergoing this surgery in a foreign land? How different would this study look if the Provinces and Federal governments realized that the same questions around this study were about any of the mental health treatments we have, cancer treatments, inoculations and other cures?

It is medicine. It is contingent on the individual. On the supports they have around them, and on reducing stress pre and post operative. Instead of tracking results…why not just bring a clinical trial to North America?


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