A Movie worth Watching

Posted: July 31, 2011 by Ty in Spirituality
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The Prodigal Sons:

A documentary by Kim Reed, a fashion editor from New York, and her girlfriend Claire, who travels back to her 20 year high school reunion in Helena, Montanna where in high school she was Paul Mercowick, star quarterback from a family of 3 boys, whose recently deceased father was a doctor, and him and her mother were active in the local Plymouth Congregational Church. Her one brother Todd lives in San Francisco and her other brother Marc is from Spokane, it is the first time the entire family has been together since she believes she found her true self…yet the transition to womanhood was just the first step on an even longer journey with her family navigating faith, hometown life, and what it means to truly live in the 21st century with a past that Marc clings to (as he has a brain injury) and a past that Kim wants to bury.
The bonus features are as powerful as the film itself. It is available through our wonderful Calgary Public Library and well worth the viewing (and bring kleenex).



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