Posted: August 1, 2011 by Ty in Spirituality
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In the early church, communion/eucharist/lord’s supper was the point of gathering for the church community.  What does that mean? It basically means all those in the household/area that professed or wanted to discover the living Christ, came together to eat and grow together.

This fall, this type of communion is being reinvigorated within NE Calgary‘s community of Rundle. On Saturday evenings, we shall gather for a simple potluck meal together, and explore the Christian Testament (there is a poll in our Facebook group to vote) to further our spiritual journey. But it will not just be scripture study, we are community based, we also support our local NE end AJHL team, Calgary Canucks, so on those Saturdays with a game, we shall enjoy it together…perhaps scipture study and board games, media or whatever form it takes to more deeply explore that which we are learning and applying to our lives.

For Clare and Francis of Assisi in the 12th century spoke about scitpural learning, that it is not about memorization, it is not about book knowledge, or scholarly works, it is about soul memory, ingesting, learning, and living out.

This is an open invite to Communi(on)ty for all, contact us directly, or ask to be added to the FB group or and join the gathering.


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