The Transformation of Little Mosque

Posted: September 6, 2011 by Ty in Spirituality
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An intriguing spiritual development exercise is the viewing of the first four seasons of CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie.

See the first 3 seasons tell a story of tolerance, but not only tolerance, acceptance and camraderie within the faiths. Wait…what’s the story you ask? Simple, a lawyer from Toronto gives up his practice to fly to Mercy, SK to become an Imam, for a small mosque that rents their space from the local Anglican parish.

The set up is a young cleric finding friendship and guidance with the wiser and weathered Anglican priest of the parish in a journey through life with his community to truly discover what it means to answer Allah‘s calling of service.

The fourth season sees the mentor vanish, and a slick antithesis character, a priest from Toronto come to Mercy and begin plotting his removal of the mosque by playing the conservative and liberal elements against one another. The intriguing lessons and insights within this season is found within the last 3 episodes, that finds the conservative element firing the imam, and giving the mosque over to travelling extremists which leads to their eviction.

The beauty though is found in the Imam, Amaar finding his congregation choosing him over the building and following him to a make shift prairie Mosque literally on the prairies, with the first truth of every religion espoused: The Mosque (church, temple, synagogue, etc) is not the Building, it is in each and every person that lives their faith.

The next comes from the Archbishop to visit Father William Thorne, to check on the Mosque. Why? Simple, the joint ministry in a time of intolerance and hate, had become a shining beacon of God’s love, and acceptance.

Suddenly the scramble is on, in good sitcom tradition the Mosque is restored into the Anglican Church.

An interesting side not being the more moderate and liberal believers being an example of true understanding and living of the truths taught in their sacred books, with the fourth season culminating in the realization of love between to two main characters Amaar and Rayan, this is interesting because it is through them coming to the understanding of what the Mosque truly is that leads them to finding their one and only.

An interesting series, that challenges ones beliefs, but also raises many questions. How different would our world be if the religious truly found their faith without trappings, truly found their calling, and their bliss…


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