Crippled Church?

Posted: September 11, 2011 by Ty in Spirituality
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Okay so the church is slowly moving into the mid-20th century in acceptance of the LGBTTQ Members as individuals that can be fully called by God into ministry and such.

The Church as a whole, well, we still fall short in Truth & Reconciliation work with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters, and yes we still enjoy planting ethnic churches (ala Chinese United; Ukranian Catholic, etc)…so we don’t like being fully inclusive of culture and traditions not our own for it may challenge our understanding of God. The next wave of full inclusion is to actually shatter this apartheid style system and welcome individuals of all cultures to one meeting place.

But wait…Apartheid system? Is that not a bit of a harsh word? Well it is a system that seperates based on ethnicity…which is what planting churches based around race is doing.

The next challenge is basic economics, denominations are collapsing under their own weight, the institution has outstripped the parishner, so yes, these labels may fade away.

But what will truly sound the death knell for the church as we know it today? Will it be the LGBTTQ Inclusion? Cultural Inclusion? Becoming post-denominational? No, those will be steps that will chip away during the current reformation, but what will truly shake the church to its core is the inclusion of:

The Disability Community

And I can hear so many saying, but we already include them, we have a ramp, we have a lift, we have…and the list goes on and to be blunt in my British way it is all Bollocks from a bunch of wankers trying to prove superiority somewhere.

Now back to P.C. talk. It is not, and will never be full inclusion under our current systems, why? Simple, we fail to see individuals in the disabled community as fully human. Why? Because if we do it shakes our theology to its core, it says that God created people who are differently abled as fully and complete the way they are. It states that being called by God has nothing to do with academic prowess, but rather an authentic spiritual life that emanates the love of God from living in and out of that heart.

So why will full inclusion shatter the current church model?

Simple, first orientation wise it forces us to actually read the Bible as it was intended and expand our understanding of what holy scriptures are and the life of Jesus.

Next the cultural apartheid ends and different ways of understanding/experiencing God come together we are removed from our own understandings and God goes truly global.

Reconciliation with the Aboriginal communities brings mysticism back to our faith, and connects us once again with Creation.

Finally, full inclusion happens with the full inclusion of those who are differently abled because it strips us of our faulty theology of healing, challenges us to move beyond original sin into original blessing…but more importantly it shows us the true barrier for community is our bastions of “light” the decrypt buildings we continue to prop up in our literally dying communities; when to be fully inclusive we need to get together; implode the impediments and truly dream of what a centre at the soul of the community is meant to look like.

It also radically changes the way we equip for ordered ministry, it makes higher academia obsolete; and it opens us back up to experiencing God.

So what challenge of inclusion will finally break the church? The inclusion that radically alters our physical and educational reality? Our holistic life…moving into full embrace of all God’s children and acceptance in love…

I know in the NE the most accessible woship space is the Mosque in Prairie Winds, wonder if they are willing to rent out for Sunday worship so a building doesn’t stop a child of God from becoming part of community…


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