Alberta’s next premier vows to unite former rivals – Edmonton – CBC News

Posted: October 2, 2011 by Ty in Current Events

Alberta’s next premier vows to unite former rivals – Edmonton – CBC News.

Congratulations Premier-elect Redford, now the centre is quite crowded in Alberta.  Why is that? Simple Raj Sherman (Red Tory/Blue Grit–former Tory MLA) not leads the Alberta Liberals so a smaller 9 seat PC Party, and then there is the Alberta Party (who sadly, no one really knows the party leader’s name) but has a 1 MLA caucus with Dave Taylor. Three Centre (Right or Left depending on the flavour of the leader, but the focus being on big tent). My advice to these 3 parties that may end up splitting up the center vote (and by proxy electing wildrose MLA’s) is to become one big happy love in under a new name.

So that leaves four outlier parties: Social Credit, Communist, NDP and Wildrose. The Social Credit really can fit into a centralist-right party so they are out of the equation. The Wildrose Alliance fills the right end of the spectrum and gives a distinct choice to the voter.

It leaves the NDP and Communist Party an opportunity to unify and truly show the difference a Left-Wing Party means in Alberta. To move to more fully inclusive public health care (including eye and dental) and how much money that actually saves the system. To abolish the unconstitutional public school fees, public day care. Essentially in this new reality the NDP/Communist have the opportunity to show how a province like Alberta, that has had prosperity for some, can become a Province of Prosperity for all citizens.

The question is are all parties able to move more into a reality that serves all Albertans in a collaborative manner for, as our Constitution Act promises; provide Peace, Order and Good Governance.


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