Musings on Beneath the Planet of the Apes

Posted: October 27, 2011 by Ty in Musings, Spirituality
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Beneath the Planet of the Apes is the sequal to the original Planet of the Apes (movie 2 of 5). The beauty of the original series of Apes movies is that they are a breathing social commentary of their times.

From the ranking of Ape society: Chimpanzees are scientists; Gorillas are militants (ala Communism/Nazism); and Orangutangs are politicians (Ahhh King Louie from the Jungle Book would be proud). So subtle commentary there. But it goes deeper, for those that follow they know the humans that have survived the plague/war are silent.

Racial commentaries during the civil rights marches, for Canada aboriginal rights, and reflecting on the holocaust through the Gorillas words “The only good human is a dead human”.

Taylor (Charlton Heston) vanishes through a holographic wall and Nova his “mate” flees back to run into another astronaut (NASA at this time must have been running quite the deficit), Brent who discovers Ape City, and they make their escape to underneath the Forbidden Zone they discover an advanced human species (telepathic ala Star Trek’s The Cage). But there is more than meets the eye, for the human “skins” are their garb hiding the deformity of nuclear fall out.  Not only this but they worship within a “Christian” context shaped by the Atomic Bomb.  It is the Bomb that came to change the world through Holy Fallout. They have hymns that have been changed from traditional hymnals to the worship of the doomsday device.

A rather estute commentary upon the role religion is used in war, and how the name of God is abused for unholy ends.  It casts the two astronauts and Nova in a race against time to stop the “Second Coming” by the Holy Humans launching the bomb for their own rapture of the select.

Hmmm…  Wonder if anyone else sees connections to todays world?


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