This summer as a unit the family came to the decision that we were in recovery from Christendom.  Obviously, my Maid Marion an I had more to recover from than our children, but our mainline church where I was a Lay Professional Leader had managed to have members do a number on the littlest ones among us.

That is where the next step took as we literally threw out everything but our non-negotiable, the birth, life, teachings, death and new life of Jesus of Nazareth.  This focus on the master teacher brought us to a little gem of a community (Unity of Calgary) where we were blessed with an accepting and loving community of individuals seeking the holy and with amazing teachers of the likes of Rev. Tony Heggi, Doug Horne (Intuitive Healer),  and Rev. Doug Craig.  This community helped us, and most importantly myself, to forgive and reconcile to not only God, but God’s children of believers as found in the church.

So why write on the New Thought movement? Well it took us through a journey that shocked even us as a family.  As winter rolled in we were unable to attend Unity (let’s be honest, it is in the far south and we live in the far north)…but the healing that took place where as Doug Horne would say “take the past hurts and put it aside to no longer affect, so one can move forward from it”.

This was the step the family took when 3 weeks ago we realized just how much healing that forgiveness and reconciliation had brought us by rejoining a Christian Church. Not just a christian church, but for this liberal (liberation/social gospel/borderline universalist) theologian it is an Associated Gospel Church, Crossroads Community Church. So far it appears to be a welcoming community, with authentic people that accept my kids for who they are in God, and accept us for us.

Time will tell where it goes, but what is for sure is the journey of the last 6 months has brought my family to a core in God (is love) and knowing what it means to seek healthy community, learn and grow deeper within our faith to grow healthy community. 

The recovery leg of the spiritual quest has been concluded, now for the steps of new life…


  1. Mike Fisk says:

    Never been much of a fan of christianity (the religion). Huge fan of the relatiionship I have with Jesus though! God’s blessings on your familie’s journey to freedom!

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