For years I have been sharing with folks I try not to enter the translation debate on the scriptures. For me it is whichever translation/paraphrase allows you to be open to the blessing of the Holy Spirit and draws you in thirsty to go deeper.  The idea that there is only one accurate translation has never sat well with me, for it is divisive, and misses the point that each translation team comes with their own socio-political baggage they try to communicate through the translation choices, footnotes, study notes, and reference points.

Most know that the idea of rapture and tribulation comes from the Scoffield Study Bible Translation; the simplicity of the 1 John passage: Jesus is Love comes from the King James Version, the idea of verily and multiple Amens after Jesus statements comes from the authorized Catholic Bible(New American)…so each has their own cross references etc. to aid in the believers understandings of their denominations beliefs, dogmas, or to push their own political agendas such as the new NIV adjustments in translation I have never not recommend any translation until now, this betrays not only the spirit of the original texts, but their socio-historical-cultural contexts and is simply an abomination by misusing not only the name of God, but God’s word to advance a theology of hate.

To say I was dismayed to read this about probably the second most popular English translation is putting it mildly. This act of “clarity” is nothing more than the Religious Right’s opportunism to shape God to fit their beliefs, not allowing God’s word and Spirit to shape the believer.


  1. Zombie Queen says:

    It is sad when the Bible all becomes about politic. Even sadder is knowing the officials have no biblical context for the changes about to be made, and them openly admitting. I am all hor clarity but when clarity crosses to the line into changing context, there defineatly is an issue!

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