Do we truly want the Unchurched?

Posted: January 9, 2012 by Ty in Current Events, Musings
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One smelly diaper away, this is a reactionary piece about how one reacts to those in church that do not “fit”…yet we pay a great lip service to wanting unchurched, new believers to join our gatherings.

Yet people vote with their feet, and the decline of the mainline church to life support, and to be quite frank, the starting decline of the Evangelical Church in Canada, has shown that our words and actions do not match.

My personal experience as I have worked through my spiritual recovery is quite simple:

Unforutnately with most churches I have discovered they do not want the unchurched, or non-conformist Christian, and if yo divert from the mold you will be attacked.

2012 prophetically is a year when the world is set for a shift that will change the status quo. So I throw down the gauntlet to followers of the living Christ, and the institutional church, let 2012 be the year a reformation is renewed…let it be the year either our actions match our words, or let our words match our actions, but as Jesus chastised the religious in the gospels, let us finally quit being a next of vipers and living hypocrisy. 

Let us truly live out the John 15 command actually, let us love as Jesus has loved us, and institutional structures be damned.  Finally, let’s break the mold.


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