What is a Cult?

Posted: January 14, 2012 by Ty in Musings

Cults forever leave their mark on young members, expert says.

There are many definitions for a cult, in the west we have taken it to have negative connotations. While for an Anthropologist or Sociologist it is a gathering of like minded people together.

But let’s explore the negative, if a cult is about doing harm, then it is essentially any group that removes free thought and free will from their followers, encourages distancing of familial relations, and dictates that one’s word or interpretation of scripture is sacrasanct and above all.

It is the removal of personal autonomy, not for communal gain, but rather for the individual leader, or control council gain.

So what is a cult? It has become a device that strips individual of their self and free will, the two things that the world religions speak about what seperates us from the rest of nature.

  1. SOPA protests lead to weakening support for protect ip, sopa . says:

    As an anthropologist I see people who, because they do not have permanent homes, are not considered a part of our community.

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