Hospitality is Theology: Turning Decline into an Incline

Posted: January 16, 2012 by Ty in Musings, Spirituality
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Incline may not be the right word, but it is the opposite of a decline.  Essentially what we have to work with here.  Essentially the institution that is church has dug itself into a massive whole of unwelcome.  What does this equate to theologically?

The Shema (two greatest commandments) need to be eternalized, this three fold love expression of the Triune God(head) when internalized and lived out will have church done differently as authentic family (community) and when church is done differently so God’s love is lived out…the communities these churches exist in are different as there soul is renewed.

So how do we renew the church? Simple, we live our faith authentically. Which is easy for an old Franciscan such as myself to say, preach the gospel wherever you go, when necessary use words.

How does the church do this?

Cornerstone Christian Assembly/King of Glory Lutheran Brethren Church offer a youth drop in/outreach, a Christmas meal, women/men ministries which makes the community of Rundle a healthier place for a church working on being its soul.

The same can be said in the Crossroads communities of NE Calgary, where Crossroads Community Church that partners with the local community centres for winter and summer festivals; aided the planting of a youth outreach centre for junior high youth Cornerstone Youth Centre, community meals for anyone to attend and just meet one another; kids nights…simple acts of showing authentic welcome and care…

Both of these churches show the example of Hospitality as touched on earlier, the internalizing of communities of the love God, neighbour and self…to transform (save) this world…by building the kingdom here on earth…this is what true salvation is communal and personal transformation for the better.

Any other stories out there?

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