New Faith Family?

Posted: January 18, 2012 by Ty in Musings, Spirituality
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For those who have followed my meanderings online, in life or through my books, I have been travelling through many of the world faith traditions, and many Christian denominations in my ministry.  Yet what has probably floored most of my friends and family, is that currently my family is calling an Associated Gospel Church as our new faith home.

As the recent reflections have shown, my contemplations have been around what is wrong with the church, but also what is right with the church and what theologically brings new people to Christ? And to be honest, I  am a liberal theologian, Same-sex marriage–no problem, pragmatically pro-choice (as until a world where every child that is conceived is wanted, it is a necessary choice), social gospel/liberation theology orientated; marriage is more a bond under Godthan any provincial piece of paper, women ordination (or anyone called for that matter), I do not read the bible as literal, but rather as an amazing collection of wisdom in all its literary incarnations of timeless truths

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to guide a traveller with God, baptism (is an outward sign, but not a necessity)…etc etc etc…essentially one that probably fits better theologically in the mold of mainline churches, yet here my family is settling into an evangelical (conservative if you will) tradition, and why you ask?

Simple, Crossroads Community Church, it is a community of faith living into truly what they speak around family and community trying to make their community better…a place of welcome.

Do we agree upon all theological points? No.

Is it a place to plant roots? So far yes.

A place where one can grow? Ask questions? So far yes.

Is it a place where theology is hospitality? Yes.

So why did the liberal enter the Conservative Church?

They accepted. And that truly is the future of church, a community of openness, welcome and transformation.


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