By the (RED) Letter…

Posted: January 23, 2012 by Ty in Musings, Spirituality
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Its quite funny how things are interpretted in North America. Growing up my family always had wonderful Bibles around that highlighted the words of (Christ) Jesus of Nazareth in red. Sociologically/missiologically speaking in Asia the red letters actually lead many to believe that Jesus is angry at them as this is the colour of angry writing.

In North America, there is a movement within the Evangelical tradition that has followed these words to renew themselves, theology and God‘s PR image to the broader world and whether or not they realize it they are following the spiritual formation exercises of St. Francis and Clare of Assisi in regards to biblical scholarship: learn the lessons of Jesus, but not for knowledge, learn them one at a time, do not move on to the next until you have internalized it and know it that it is like nature and simply lived.  Over the past 900 years those that have followed this Charism have been known as Franciscans.

In the early 20th Century in America & Canada we called it the Social Gospel movement; and later part of the 20th Century in Latin America as the movement of Liberation Theology.

Today they are known as Red Letter Christians and they have managed to take such divisive issues as Same-Sex Marriage to a theological middle that can abide the conservatives and liberals in the church:

Stumbling across this movement has renewed a bit of my faith within the church.

Jesus from the Deesis Mosaic


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