Anglican priest convicted of indecent assault back at work in N.S.

Posted: February 1, 2012 by Ty in Current Events, Spirituality

Anglican priest convicted of indecent assault back at work in N.S..

Anglicans repeating Roman Catholic Sins in protecting congregants. Read the above noted article, and yes there is such a thing as reconciliation, forgiveness and restoration within the community. Yet for a theological group that places the emphasis of the priestly office on the liturgy and sacraments to say that the priest has reduced duties by allowing him to perform these is farcical. This still creates in the eyes of the congregants that someone who has misused this office to victimize is allowed back to this placement of prestige.

Is the parish priest he works with trained in how to work with sex offenders?

Do they know it was only one victim? Not multiples as is usually the case.

Does the Bishop understand how to work with and support the rehabilitation of sex offenders?

What type of counselling is he in? Is he a former victim himself and it is through working through this healing that has removed his risk to reoffend (how do we know he has stopped offending).

This echoes of a church that is losing clergy, using Christianize, to justify using a clergy that should have been defrocked. But then there is enough churchese within this article from the Diocese that the average lay reader would think the priest was nothing more than window dressing, yet his duties root him deeply back into the soul care of the community with access to young families and children.

Perhaps the Anglican Church has lost touch with the people it has been called to serve? How many more former/current abusers are being employed under the “supervision of parish priest and bishop” throughout Canada?


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