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Alberta Legislature
Alberta Legislature (Photo credit: Jeff_Werner)

In a province where the Right Wing has decimated social programs and created a homelessness epidemic, it is astounding to watch the collapse of the official opposition (which doesn’t even have a seat count in the double digits) and that this collapse is benefiting firstly the party in power as noted by the CBC Poll:


The surge of the Wildrose Alliance has taken the Social Conservatives out of the Progressive Conservative Party and with many older hard liners retiring and being replaced with Red Tories, the party has seized the centre for the province with the NDP growing to a stronger 3rd party in Province.

So why the Liberal collapse? To be bluntly honest, with a leader that stepped down recently David Swann, that was dogged with rumours of no party loyalty (every party spoke of him being their member when he announced the run for the Alberta Liberals) to be succeeded not by one of the many strong pluggers that have maintained the party, worked hard for Albertans, was it one of these members that ascended to the leadership…Nope.. it was a defector from the ruling PC Party in Raj Sherman a great advocate for health care, but by him rapidly leaving one party benches to become leader of another it simply proved that there was no difference in the newly Red Tory dominated PC Party, and the Alberta Liberals, effectively cutting the first ruling party of Alberta off at the knees for a slow bleed of a death, that if they are smart before the writ is dropped they will approach the Redford Tories for a merger and allow for their current MLA’s who have served Albertans well, to maintain and continue their service and not been swept away in the spring election, how do we know this prediction will happen??? The Communist Party of Alberta is having an easier time finding candidates than the Alberta Liberals currently are.

So, Grits, you have shown your true Grit over past 104 years, but now it is time to show some real GRITful determination, and admit that your ideology is not longer valid in the new political landscape of Alberta that is forming, make the choice that is best for the service of Albertans and strengthen the centrist-progressive voice within the ruling party through a merger.

Thank you.


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