Albertans confident in Rookie Premier

Posted: February 3, 2012 by Ty in Current Events
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The CBC has done a poll of Albertans to rank the Leaders: Redford; Smith; Mason and Sherman (Poll Here). The results are a bit surprising:

Redford holds 60% ad rising confidence in her leadership. Sherman & Mason in the Mid to high 30’s and Smith in the 40’s. Yet as we noted yesterday confidence in the leader is not translating into confidence in the party as a whole as the only parties rising in the polls are the NDP (Mason) and the PC’s (Redford) while the Wildrose have stagnated for quite awhile and the Liberals are in a free fall.

So what does this reveal about the Alberta Voter heading into our first set election quarter?

Simple, leadership matters but it is also leaning more towards what the parties actually stand for, how this affects us on a day to day existence; and the character of the local candidates.

Could this be the end of the parachute/name on ballot blight that has corrupted first-past the post politics in our province? Will we actually get a strong 3 party system of choices with a strong opposition accountability to the governing party? Will Alberta finally achieve the Constitutional Promise of Peace, Order and Good Governance?

These questions will all be answered within the next four months…we are in a time of change within what was once a staunchly Conservative province that placed money ahead of people. Have we changed?



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