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Hmmm…When church is a state, or is it simply that the loss of true authority in the world leaves the Vatican reeling? A true reformation of Roman Catholicism would be the collapse of the vatican and letting the Spirit change the institution to a true collective of parish as they are meant to be…thoughts?
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National Post | Life

By Jean-Louis de la Vaissiere

VATICAN CITY • A “plot” to kill Pope Benedict XVI disclosed Friday is only the latest in a series of rumours, leaks and corruption allegations in what experts believe is a bitter power struggle in the Vatican.

The Holy See’s press office has been forced into overdrive in recent days against multiple reports in Italian media centred mainly on the activities of the Vatican bank and Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State.

On Friday, the Vatican dismissed as “delirious” the writings of a cardinal who said he had heard of an unspecified assassination threat on the Pope and also described increasingly confrontational ties between the Pope and Cardinal Bertone.

The document — allegedly written by a Colombian cardinal and quoting declarations reportedly made by Italian cardinal Paolo Romeo, Archbishop of Palermo, during a visit to China — was also dismissed by Cardinal Romeo…

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