Musings of the Unique

Posted: February 26, 2012 by Ty in Musings
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English: First Christian Church (Disciples of ...

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Center for Great Apes

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Did you know that in the Great Apes anthropologists have discovered religious rituals?

That we have a majority government by reverse-ballot stuffing due to a demon dialer misdirecting voters in almost 39 ridings…13 of those won by a slim margin.

That sociologically speaking the Canadian Christian church is on life support, as we struggle to find more ways to create individual converts, humanists and atheists have been realizing and working into building authentic community and reaching our nation more and more… funny how we move away from the original created intent from God we die…hmmm…

The vast majority of world faith, religions, and philosophies have some text they go to… regardless of faith in an eternal creator or not, everyone comes down to the Golden Rule…

What other ponderings arise during this Lent Season for you?

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