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Today I had an incredible blessing in my journey as I prepare to be apart of the Emerge Youth Conference. My ministry with The Mustard Seed opened up the opportunity to be apart of the University of Calgary‘s Festival of Faith & Justice. Students supported by the Reformed Chaplain brought together faith based NGO’s for discussion, encouragement, and brainstorming on next steps.

I was blessed to host two table talks on Homelessness in Calgary: Engaging the Faith Community where we discussed the root causes of poverty, the difference between proactive/reactive, governmental responsibilities, citizenry responsibilities, and what it actually means to be an intentional neighbour and how to recognize injustices within our own communities regardless of the context and how to do little things to correct them. There was talk about engaging in politics, voting, joining community associations, how faith isn’t always a belief in God or being apart of an institution, but it can be living into the values of inclusion, love, & justice.  There was talk of what it means to welcome individuals reintegrating from the shelters and the sanctuary trauma that brings into communities, but the deeper challenge is how do we engage with our neighbours already, and welcome new comers to our neighbourhoods regardless of their past. It was also interesting to explore with the students the unethicalness of shelters, and that no one system is the answer, but rather it comes with the community supports and loved ones that are needed.

It was also great to connect with other NGO’s today and hear their stories:

International Justice Mission Canada

Action Coalition for Human Trafficking-Alberta


Consortium for Peace Studies, University of Calgary

Initiatives of Change

Mennonite Central Committee

Project Ploughshares

Servants Anonymous

Stephanie Jager Photography, partner with Athentikos

World Vision

After today, I am looking forward to 2013’s Festival. Thank you students for pulling this together.

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    Thanks for the link!

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