International Justice Mission

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The day opens with breakfast on campus, as we get ready to gather for morning worship…then into some try out classes.  Some of the participants head into Old Testament Literature, while others go to hear Ryan Skruggs to speak on Modern Day Slavery, and then International Justice Mission to speak on the practical theological applications to end this blight…lunch was a burrito feast thanks to the alumni, and then into worship, and my talk on walking and serving God…there will be another post on the actual speaking notes, but let’s say it was amazing to speak in the chapel, and too watch a new generation engage, while others disengaged over language choice of reference to God (he/she) or that the transgendered among us are as loved by God.

Four students spoke from their hearts and took questions as to how ABC is forming them for life long ministry…and currently they are doing a food/clothing drive for The Mustard Seed, tonight will be a banquet feast, and then more worship and a talk from Lee Primeau.

The highlight of the day for me though was the speech contest participant, Ericka who knocked it out of the park speaking on the love of God in making a life.  Congratulations!

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