Posted: March 14, 2012 by Ty in Spirituality

National Post | Life

A split has emerged among Ontario Roman Catholics over a new provincial bill that would force religious schools to accept gay-straight alliances on their campuses.

While the Roman Catholic Church and the province’s Catholic school trustees oppose the bill, arguing that a group advocating for a gay lifestyle is in direct conflict with Church teaching, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association, which represents 44,000 separate board teachers, said fear of gay-straight alliances is based on ignorance of what these groups do.

“The Catholic bishops need reflect on whether a club like a gay-straight alliance is really going to be about advocating for a lifestyle,” said Kevin O’Dwyer, president of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association.

“And the answer they should arrive at is no. These clubs are about building dialogue and safer classroms and that’s a good thing.”

Bill 13 would require all school boards to implement policies that combat…

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