So I have struggled this election deciding on which candidate to back.  Dear readers all you know for sure from me is it was neither Yvonne Fritz (PC) or Happy Mann (WRP)…

The first stumbling block came when the redistribution of boundaries due to the addition of four new legislative seats moved my household out of Calgary East, back into Calgary Cross (gerrymeandering by the PC’s years ago had moved Rundle out of Cross to East due to us switching from voting en block Conservative to other parties so it aided in propping up the unfriendly dictatorship).

So now back home in Cross, had to reacquaint myself with the field of candidates. With the first two eliminated, it left 3 to choose from:

EverGreen: Susan Stratton
Liberal: Narita Sherman (Facebook)
New Democratic Party: Reinaldo Conterras

Now the strongest bio of all 3 was Susan Stratton’s but she has no local ties to the actual communities she is running to represent. My anthropological/sociological studies of my area during my Master of Arts proved that we are the most culturally/religious/politically/socio-economically diverse area in Alberta… we need local.

Brought me to Narita Sherman and Reinaldo Conterras, two locals. I have worked with both the Liberals (policy writing, volunteer) and the NDP (candidate, councils, policy, volunteer, door knocking) so it was a toss up as both party platforms are impressive:

Alberta NDP Platform

Alberta Liberal Platform

But it appears that the most undemocratic thing possible is happening with the NDP candidate in the area, he appears to be absent or just a name on ballot as no contact has been answered.

Narita Sherman,

while for the next premier we endorse Brian Mason, NDP (I know great ain’t it)…

But do encourage if you have a local Alberta Party Candidate they deserve your votes for change in the way politics are done in the province.




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