Good Friday Family Prayer

Posted: April 6, 2012 by Ty in Current Events, Musings, Spirituality
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The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We ended with his arrest and far too many believe that is when Jesus’ light went out. (The candle centre of table relit) but rather it was when his light shined the brightest of his ministry.  The men fled, but the women stayed close journeying with him. His best friend, Mary Magdalene, and his Mummy were with him bearing witness to the horror that was to come.

Remember though, on Sunday, we win. And who did Jesus talk to when he was scared? His Daddy, and that brought him what?

Peace—We sing together the ending song from our time at Unity Church, Let there be Peace on Earth.

The Story is shared from the naked youth (John Mark) fleeing the garden, to Peter’s statement of Jesus not being his friend, to the brutallity and the lies of all levels of power, money and religion…to his eventual death on the cross…when the Gospel of Mark reads he breathed his last (The candle is blown out).

We stay with the story for Mary, Mummy & Salome with other women witnessed as Joseph of Arimethea buried him in a tomb, and sealed it.

The women know the secret even in this dark time, that “God is bigger than the bogey man” (our family sings one of our favourite Veggie Tales songs).

Princess JLAAR: Daddy who is Salome?

Daddy: Herod’s step daughter that Jesus saved from a bad situation (for the adult readers, she is the daughter that Herod sex trafficked, raped, and killed John the Baptist to cover it all up).

The story doesn’t end there, for we await the joy of Sunday, no, the story brings us back to the Upper Room where the friends have gathered, a place that I could see Mary or Mummy reminding them of the Meal of Friends, sharing the Bread of Life (Grace Said by Princess JLAAR) and the Cup of Promise (Grace said by Preacher_boi).

And the children lead us singing Peace Like a River with actions.

We join hands and pray the Lord’s Prayer together (old Book of Common Prayer version, cause we roll retro like that).

Closing Prayer: God we thank you for this time of silence, as we await the true joy and love coming on Sunday.  For it is on Sunday that you show the world what our lives are truly about, as your beloved and blessed children when you gave us the world when we left the Garden.  It is not a story of money, wants or power, it is a story of love, how we are to love one another.  Amen.




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