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Poverty reduction in Alberta first starts with undoing the damage from the Klein-era, then steps of poverty reduction strategy; elimination of all user fees; indexing to a personal income tax instead; revamping all social services and government supports; re-regulation of utilities; and rent ceilings to ensure that people are not spending over 2/3 of their income on basic needs of food, shelter, utilities, and education (oh and clothes too)… also a forgiveness of all provincial student loans would be an excellent stimulus package. Just sayin’

National Post | News

EDMONTON — Albertans can expect a fundamental reshaping of Alberta’s social services sector if Premier Alison Redford wants to make good on her bold election promise to end poverty in 10 years, advocates say.

Other provinces with similar poverty reduction strategies have passed new laws, introduced new programs and changed the way they measure success. Some boosted the minimum wage, improved early childhood interventions, or indexed welfare cheques to inflation. Some have spent billions.

And they have seen success. Newfoundland and Labrador saw its poverty rate drop 5% over five years ending in 2009, Quebec saw a 2.5% drop over the same period. During the 2008 recession, Ontario lifted 19,000 children and families out of poverty using a poverty reduction strategy.


Redford and Human Services Minister Dave Hancock haven’t said what Alberta’s plan will look like, but advocates who have been pressing the province to adopt such a strategy…

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