Multiple Christianities–One Body thou

Posted: April 29, 2012 by Ty in Current Events, Musings, Spirituality
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As we enter into this new reality of the dying institutional church in the west (and the almost collapse of the Orthodox church in the EU), there are some things to consider (Canada’s reality is at least one parish a week closes, last year 400 churches‘ life cycles came to an end): new church plants or long time churches without real estate are renting space off of those churches that are nearing the end of their life cycle, so how do we handle this?

Is it that we allow old tribal lines to keep us apart? Have we crafted a renter/landlord relationship where we charge for services? Multiple distinct churches within one building?

Is this what the Acts of the Apostles shows us…through the stories of the Apostles & disciples coming together and sharing everything in kind? or in Paul’s writings speaking of the many different parts of the body?

See this arose after week 3 of our Justice for the Poor potluck discussions and the Sunday School for adults today on hospitality. This new reality of at least one other “church” renting the facility is quite common, but is it biblical?

Hmmm… see I don’t like using the language of churches renting from churches. The Body of Christ, that is believers, are the church. What I see are multiple congregations sharing the same building, but I think it could go one step further in health by breaking the tribal customs.

What do I mean? Essentially, it is time to open our arms to one another, begin sharing community events and outreaches together. Speak to one another and creating our websites to reflect the joined reality.  Even striking merged boards.  This conversation is the next step in the evolution of the Christianities within Canada for it breaks down the hypocricy of division created by the denominational lines and truly allows us to become one under the true reason we exist in our Missio DeiJesus Christ.

A living example of these ideas of congregations within the building coming together has been seen in Rundle of NE Calgary for a positive impact with which is a congregation that began a share with King of Glory Lutheran Brethren Church and are now reaching their community in more healthier ways and beginning to reflect the community in which they exist.

So in our new reality, I have to ask is this not a better way of being the Body of Christ, instead of landlord/tenant–being shared ministry in the Missio Dei?



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