HuffPost Religious Brief for May 2 to make you go hmmm…

Posted: May 2, 2012 by Ty in Musings
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012
CHICAGO (RNS) Mitt Romney may or may not become the first Mormon to move into the White House next year, but a new study shows that Mormonism is moving into more parts of the country than any other religious group, making it the fastest-growing faith in more than half of U.S. states.

The 2012 Religious Congregations and Membership Study, released here Tuesday (May 1), shows that the mainline Protestants and Catholics who dominated the 20th century are literally losing ground to the rapid rise of Mormons and, increasingly, Muslims.

PHOTOS: Annual Hindu Festival Celebrates Transgender People
Peace Is Every Breath:
The Light Of Awareness
The High Price Of Losing Faith For Clergy
Pastor’s Secret Love For Garbage
Taco Bells Pays $27K To Nazarite Who Refused To Cut Hair
Daniel Philpott: Reconciliation 2012: A Local Response to Joseph Kony and the International Community
Kony 2012 has garnered more than 100 million hits and has motivated viewers to support the arrest and trial of one of the world’s most monstrous war criminals. What it misses, though, are the voices of ordinary Ugandans who have responded quite differently.
John Shore: Christians: Affirm That Same-Sex Relationships Are Not Inherently Immoral
This is an election year. If a petition calling upon Christians to affirm LGBTQ people is signed by hundreds of thousands of Christians, then the entire conversation around the gay issue changes.
Rev. Peter M. Wallace: Putting My Anti-Racism Training to Work: An Unexpected Encounter
If I hadn’t been at the Anti-Racism Training that day, would I have been so quick to invite this unknown African American man into my car? And give him that much money?
Joseph Ward III: Mormons Take Steps to Welcome Gay Community
As I listened, I heard dozens of straight and gay Mormons vividly reflect their pain and optimism, their confidence and uncertainty, about their faith.
Agapi Stassinopoulos: Bridging the Gap: Unbind Your Heart a Little More
At every moment we have the power invested in us to touch another human, heart-to-heart, and affect their lives by conveying the truth of all truths: We are One. We have the power to bridge the illusion and pain of separation.
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