Biblical Marriage: Or what the church misunderstands

Posted: May 5, 2012 by Ty in Musings
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We live in a funny little time of history. A time when the Christianities are really more concerned with what happens with someones genitalia and how/whom they choose to have sex with means more than an actual understanding of the deeper covenantal promise of marriage.

But it goes deeper than that. Many times I hear so and so is living in sin with their partner/bf/gf/whateverF… what is living in sin? It is Christianity code for not “legally” married.

Now the church tries to clean this up saying “well they’re in sin because they are not married.”

But what is marriage??? And whom is it open to?

There is biblical proof that marriage is open to interpretation. The tribal norm of ancient Israel is that actual marriage was a verbal contract between suitor and Father, but the actual marriage was the consumating act of intercourse. This could be monogamous or polygamous. Traveling back to Pre-Constantine Christianities there are even rites that show same-sex marriages were blessed.

So time elapses, cultural norms shift, and truly what is reflected in the living scriptures is that marriage is a covenant with God between consenting adults to love, honour and cherish one another like Christ loved the church.

But this idea of “living in sin” has grown up in the Christianities especially in North America for one simple fact– we have confused ourselves as to what the church’s role is in society. See the church was never meant to be a tool of the government, we are to be a prophetic foil for society. Yet when it comes to marriage our clergy are agents of the state. In fact we have uplifted the idea that the “Power/authority of the state/province” superscedes that of love, God and family in acknowledging what a marriage is. Just look at the marriage ceremony, we have enshrined at the altar the signing of the governmental paperwork.

The early church so shocked society because it declared a peasant labourer- bastard child- turned travelling Rabbi as the Son of God (a title reserved for the Emperor), his radical teachings of inclusion and justice challenged the world, shook the very foundations of the world if you will… yet in the church today we have forgotten this… we have made the son of God once again the state.

So what happens? Simple, we miss the point of marriage, and use it is a divisive tool to decide who is holy and who is not. We don’t ask do you love your spouse? Are your children loved? How do your parents see you? Family? No. We card couples, is there a provincial license there somewhere? No, well you ain’t married by God.

Missing the point.

God doesn’t care about governmental paperwork. God cares about those that have chosen to love, honour, serve and cherish one another as Christ did…

Family is not sanctioned by the state it is blessed and grown by the Holy Spirit.

Marriage is blessed by God and with God.

And Brother Jesus, just laughs and chuckles at the weirdness his bride puts on the children.

SO what is biblical marriage? A loving convenant. End of story. Next time before you try to declare that so and so are living in sin, or working for a “christian” ministry try to fire someone for being “sinful”…well I think you have missed the point.

The Reign of God is near…it is up to us to bring it here fully.

So actually look for God in the lives of authors not the stamp of approval from governmental systems.

  1. snoopervizion says:

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    For people who have issue with how the Bible is used by so many to demonize people and deny their human rights, I recommend you take time to read with an open mind. Brian Anthony Brown, the author of the work, has a unique viewpoint.
    While there, give him some kudos for it.

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