Posted: May 7, 2012 by Ty in Spirituality

So when asked to participate in the healthy dialogue of how is the best way to express beliefs in high school, the family pulls their son shunning “extra-curricular” activities???? Did I miss something in our charter? All sides have something to learn in this kerfuffle.

National Post | Life

As a Nova Scotia teenager leaves his school over its handling of his contentious Christian T-shirt, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada says it’s common for Christian students nationwide to take heat for sharing their beliefs.

William Swinimer, 19, showed up for school Monday morning wearing his yellow T-shirt with the slogan “Life is Wasted Without Jesus” — a shirt he defiantly wore after the vice principal of Forest Heights Community School in Chester Basin, N.S., told him not to, leading him to serve several detentions. On Friday, the South Shore Regional School Board said it would allow the Grade 12 student to wear the shirt when he returned from five-day suspension.


But shortly after their arrival Monday morning, John Swinimer pulled his Grade 12 son out of school, angered by the voluntary forums taking place on the topic of how students can appropriately express their beliefs.

“He will not…

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