Posted: May 9, 2012 by Ty in Spirituality

Who are we to judge what is or is not a believer’s understanding?

National Post | Life

A federal judge is slamming the treatment of a Chinese man whose refugee claim was denied after an adjudicator concluded he didn’t know enough about Christianity to be a true believer.

Calling the basis for the denial “ludicrous and unfair,” the judge said the ongoing practice by the Immigration and Refugee Board of testing the religious knowledge of applicants claiming religious persecution back home is fundamentally flawed and should be abandoned.

“First, religious knowledge cannot be equated to faith. And second, the quality and quantity of religious knowledge necessary to prove faith is unverifiable,” said Judge Douglas Campbell, who ordered the case back to the IRB for review by another adjudicator.


This is not the first time the IRB has been cautioned about using subjective standards to try to test someone’s faith.

Other federal court rulings in recent months have found that the IRB held refugee applicants claiming religious…

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